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About Us

Serving the Westend Community for over 35 years

Susan St. James,  Retired Store Owner (as of Sept 2017)

I am the owner of Garden Health and I find it a delight to be part of the West End community. I have actively managed/owned it since 1983. It is an honor to serve our customers who are both local and from afar. The journey has been a mutual one with our customers who have watched us grow, mature and develop into a well-rounded health store that has learned to listen to each person who walks through our door.
I have 3 children, all grown up now, who at one time helped in the store, stocking shelves and running the cash register. I have four grandchildren and, if you are lucky, you’ll see my two older ones in the store occasionally, counting, stacking and generally having fun.
One thing that is very pleasing to me is the way the store has provided the platform for many young women to grow into their own careers. I can think of four that have moved on from Garden Health and are playing substantial roles in the Canadian Health Industry today.
I believe that we have, as fellow human beings, the potential to touch others with just a word sometimes, and create change for the better in our world. We are all in the same boat and we’ve all had to deal with personal problems. One thing we can do is inspire one another. It takes us only to be true to our wonderful selves.
On the more practical side I have read, since my teenage years, numerous books on health, and have participated in many health courses (supplements, cosmetic, aromatherapy, Bach Flower, Reiki, Shiatsu, herbal). Through my years of study, I am convinced that health does not come just from a pill or tablet, but from myriads of combinations that come to us from one another as we keep our ears, mind and heart open to the magic of it all.

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